Here’s the Benefits of Physical Therapy for Seniors

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Physical therapy is good for seniors. It is not just for meant as a treatment after a serious injury or surgery. Physical Therapy is more useful than many of us realize, especially for our elder population. As we get older, age-related bodily changes begin to appear that can slowly lead to limitations of an elder’s Activities of Daily Living (ADLs); basic physical maneuvers that healthy individuals perform daily without assistance like bathing, dressing, using the toilet, feeding, and transferring oneself (from the bed to a chair, for example). Usually the aging process doesn’t result in a lot of pain, but rather decreased physical mobility. Under the guidance of doctor, using a physical therapist as a resource for information and physical maintenance/rehabilitation can be very beneficial for our senior population. Physical therapy can lead to a safer and healthier life. On the other hand, when you or your loved one begins to experience difficulty during these activities, it may be time to contact a local senior advisor for further guidance.

What is Geriatric Physical Therapy and how can it help my aging loved one?

This is a proven practice to help numerous health conditions concerning people as they go through the process of naturally aging. Forms of physical therapy include unique exercises and education. The education can help our aging loved ones understand the various changes they are experiencing.

Yes, Physical Therapy can promote independence.

After screening the elder’s current physical condition, the therapist will design an individualized physical program to restore mobility, reduce pain, and improve balance and coordination. According to the National Institutes of Health, physical therapy has been proven to build strength and improve overall fitness. Therefore, physical therapy can help reduce the risk of a loved one falling, which is the leading cause of injury over the age of 65.

Not only can this form of treatment benefit your loved ones physically, but it also builds their confidence and promotes everyday activity. Physical Therapists can help your aged loved one maintain their independence by suggesting assistive devices for themselves and at their homes, as well as recommend accessibility & safety adjustments for their home. However, as a family, if you decide that living at home independently is no longer an option, or if your loved one has hit certain limitations, it may be time to look into different senior living options. Contact Assisted Transition of Greater Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky for guidance.

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