Let’s Celebrate Grandparents Day


Sunday, September 13 is Grandparents Day. How will you and the kids celebrate it?

Whether they’re your grandparents or your children’s grandparents, everyone should be involved and excited about celebrating Grandparents Day. In fact, make Grandparents Day a month-long celebration during September. Do something special each week. Here are some suggestions from Assisted Transition of Greater Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky.

  • If grandparents live out of town and the distance is too far for traveling, give grandma and grandpa a call. A nice chat goes a long way. Many grandparents these days are very tech savvy; so, if they have a computer, laptop, smart phone, or tablet, consider using FaceTime or Skype for video chatting.
  • Mail or deliver a special Grandparents Day greeting card. Consider getting kids involved by making a special card. Also, many greeting card companies offer free online cards. So, if the grandparents have a computer, laptop, smart phone, or tablet, send them an online card.
  • Purchase or make a special and thoughtful gift for grandparents.
  • Plan a visit with grandma and grandpa. Before the visit, tell your children some stories of how your parents inspired you and made you the person you are today.
  • Gather the grand-kids, great-grand kids, siblings and other family members to make Grandparents Day a day-long event with fun activities. Better still, as mentioned above, celebrate Grandparents Day weekly. Determine the activities in advance for celebrating. Zoos and museums usually have special discounts for grandparents. Go online and look at the neighborhood specials especially for them.
  • Adopt a grandparent for the day by visiting a senior living community; especially if your grandparents or children’s grandparents are no longer with you. You can make a difference right away by visiting someone who may not have anyone to visiting them.
  • Let’s not forget to take family photos each year. Get the picture framed and give it as a gift.

For FREE senior living placement, referral, and advisory services call Assisted Transition of Greater Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky at 513-246-4127.

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