Make Thanksgiving a joyous time for everyone


As we celebrate Thanksgiving, let’s remember that it is a special time for family and friends to come together. On the other hand it also a time to think about those who are not as fortunate. Holidays can be a very tough time for our senior population. The old saying, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder” does not work for everyone. It may surprise you to learn that some seniors struggle when those who were once in their lives are no longer there. The passing of time with the death of family members and friends can be difficult. Some seniors face financial struggles and health problems as well. Instead of good food, fun, laughter and reminiscing, Thanksgiving can be a day of loneliness, depression, high anxiety, stress, and more awareness of physical ailments and day-to-day challenges.

Here are some thoughts about making Thanksgiving better for you and a senior:

  1. Consider visiting family and friends who are not able to go out of the house and homebound due to an illness or disability, in a nursing home or hospital. A visit would bring them joy.
  2. If you are alone and physically able, consider helping those less fortunate by volunteering at churches, area senior agencies, or other organizations preparing or hosting Thanksgiving meals. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.  Also, there are senior centers, assisted and independent living communities serving Thanksgiving meals. Give them a call and ask to join them on Thanksgiving.
  3. If you are preparing a Thanksgiving meal, consider inviting senior family members and friends over.

The presence of family members and others can make a senior and you feel better and could open doors to new friends. Assisted Transition of Greater Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky wishes you a bountiful Thanksgiving and ask that you take this special time to count your blessings and be thankful.

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