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Many of us are trying our best to cope and deal with our parents who have Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia. It’s not easy. What do we do when things just aren’t the way they use to be, and in fact, getting worse? What do we do with the changes that accompany Alzheimer’s? Who do we turn to when things begin to change and just don’t feel quite right? Is it normal aging? Or, are there larger problems like cognitive or physical concerns, or even depression?

Assisted Transition of Cincinnati of Greater Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky is here to serve you! As a premier provider of senior placement services, our goal is to locate and provide the best personalized and customized placement services and resources for senior citizens who are in search of senior housing and other care options. We accomplish this by providing referrals to Memory Care, Assisted Living and Long Term Care communities, Residential Care Homes, Senior Housing and other resources. This is a “No Cost” service for our clients.

We actively partner with senior and community-based organizations, case workers, social workers, discharge planners, senior housing communities and many other individuals and organizations in the senior care industry to help them find the best care options for their clients.

Working side-by-side with our clients and their families throughout the entire process, we make each placement a personal one. We listen to our clients and help them access their housing and other important needs. That includes taking our clients on targeted housing tours. Assisted Transition’s “Personal Touch” makes our services special and unique for your parents.

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