Residential Care Homes

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Residential care homes provide personalized services to small groups of seniors. They also go under the names board and care homes, as well as adult family homes. These homes often provide meal service, lodging, and support pertaining to basic living activities. These homes usually provide less care than most types of assisted living communities, but might be preferred because of the more home-like atmosphere.

Residential Care Homes can accommodate two to sixteen residents. or Residential Care Homes can range in size from 2 beds to 16 beds, this will vary from location to location. The residents in these communities require varying levels of personal care and supervision.

Our local advisors have toured many residential care homes and built relationships with their owners. This allows us to give you information about each home that you can’t find in a brochure or online. We want to make sure your next house fits all of your needs and truly feels like home. Even better, this is a FREE service for seniors and their families! Payment structure may vary in Texas.

  • Comfortable environment that resembles home
  • Daily meals
  • Entertainment plans
  • Housekeeping services
  • Medication management

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Thank you for all your help in finding a nursing home that was suitable for my brother. I do appreciate the follow up phone calls. Knowing that I have someone to turn to if there is a problem has been…

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